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Up to now, the most common pig in Japan has been the LWD, made from crossbreeding Landrace, Large White and Duroc pigs. The breed is popular because its litter is of a good size and its meat is not bad. 

In Japan, Farmerfs concern had been how to produce a pig that grew faster and weighed more.

Tokyo-X pigs produce small litters, with an average nine piglets per pregnancy
against 11 for the LWD breed.

While there are more than 250 so-called local pig brands on the market in Japan, about 90 percent are a variation of the LWD.

Researchers at the Tokyo Metropolitan Livestock Experiment Station in the city of Ome began in April 1990 to create a new pig breed.  Their "dream" was to develop a hybrid premium-quality pig.

Tokyo Metropolitan Livestock Experiment Station

As parents of the new breed, three kinds of pigs known for their gtastyh meat- Duroc(USA), Berkshire(UK,Japan), and Beijing Black(China)- were chosen.

Berkshire Beijing Black Duroc Tokyo-X
X X 

Taking seven years and five generations to produce a perfect genetic mix, the first TOKYO-X pig was born in March 1997.

It was the first genuinely original hybrid developed in Japan.

TOKYO-X pigs

The breed was named TOKYO-X, with X designating the first project to produce a new "crossbreed" and symbolizing the unknown potential it had.

TOKYO-X Logo mark

The four main pillars of the philosophy of production are "Tokyo SaBAQ". "SaBAQ" stands for Safety, Biotics, Animal welfare, and Quality,

TOKYO-X swiftly met the taste demands of urban epicures and has sold very well among consumers who care about quality and safty.

Novelty alone could not lead to sustaind sales if the quality was lacking.

Not only its striking name but also its deeply-marbled meat, seldom seen in pork, attracts attention.

Ohtama-Ham, one of the oldest independent Ham Manufacturer in Japan, has long placed higher priority on quality and safety of products than on efficiency.

Ohtama Ham since 1932

It is also a distinguished company to which the world contest of Europe was awarded the gold medal.

Ohtama-Ham started the plan in 1996 to make the "premium-quality Ham" made of TOKYO-X, in the development stage of hybrid pork at the Tokyo Metropolitan Livestock Experiment Station .

After the research period for two years, it@produced the first Ham and Sausage made of TOKYO-X in 1998.

Hams and Sausages made of TOKYO-X

They were chosen as the "official specialty of Tokyo city" by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 2004, admired "Their taste and quality are excellent and Tokyo city can recommend with confidence"

Attested as the specialty
by Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Emblem of the
specialty of Tokyo

Ohtama-Ham's registerd trademark


In 2007, the Patent Office in Japan authorized TOKYO-X@Ham•Wiener@as a registered trademark of Ohtama-Ham.

T‚n‚j‚x‚n-‚w Ham

‚s‚n‚j‚x‚n-‚w Bacon
‚s‚n‚j‚x‚n-‚w Sawsages

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