About Ohtama Ham

Since our establishment in 1932, our company, Ohtama Ham, has been utilizing a German manufacturing process to produce various high-quality ham products to include additive-free products. 


The features of our product

Traditional German Taste

Some characteristics of the German manufacturing process include minimizing additives and not increasing the water content or volume of the ham or bacon whenever the raw meat mixes with the substances derived from protein and water. Since our establishment, we have continued to use 100% domestic meat and have been utilizing the traditional German smoking process to prepare and manufacture our products. 

TOKYO-X Brands

Our company’s TOKYO-X ham, bacon, and wiener products are manufactured from the TOKYO-X pork brand, a certified regional resource of Tokyo.  Our TOKYO-X ham, bacon and wiener products,along with the "TOKYO-Ukokkei" (Silky Fowl) ham, are the only ham products that are certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as specialty products of  the Tokyo Metropolitan region.  

  • What is TOKYO-X?

The “X Pork Project" is an endeavor undertaken by the Tokyo Metropolitan region in response to wanting to develop a type of pork that combines the following breeds’qualities: Berkshire’s fine muscle fibers, Durlock’s marbling, and Beijing Black’s succulent fat. The "X" symbol not only represents the breeding of delicious quality pigs, but also expresses the hidden unknown possibilities of the pork’s future. 

3D pastates

Once considered too difficult to achieve, our company was able to produce and patent meat products molded from 3D technologies. We provide elegantly beautiful and unique specialty dishes that are visually pleasant such as the rose-shaped sausage, "Rose Paste."

Additive-free Products

In addition to our low-additive German products, we have responded to our customers’ demands by launching a "consumer series" of additive-free products.  These products have gained trust within the region and our additive-free ham, bacon, and sausage are being served in school lunches. 


At our restaurant, "Stuben Otama," a Rothenburg-style house adjacent to our head office, we serve European casual cuisines tailored to the seasons. We also hold a Beer Garden in the summer. Since opening in 2000, many people from around the region have visited here as a place to relax. 

 credit and cash both OK !!


Stuben Otama Gift Shop

Monday & Wednesday-Friday 10:00~21:30

Tuesday 10:00~16:30

Saturday & Sunday 11:30~21:30 


TEL: 042-551-1325


Fussa ( Tokyo )

JR Ome Line Fussa Station 3-minute walk

Tachikawa Takashimaya





Tachikawa ( Tokyo )

JR Chuo Line Tachikawa Station 2-minute walk


Company Profile

■ Company Name: Ohtama Ham Co., Ltd. (Registered Trademark No. 5753519)


■ Representative: Kazuto Kobayashi (Company President)


■Head Office Location: 785, Fussa, Fussa-shi, Tokyo-to, 197-0011

   TEL. 042-551-1321 (+81-42-551-1321)

   FAX. 042-551-9409 (+81-42-551-9409)


■ Net Capital: 30,000,000 Yen


■ Year Established: 1932


■ Bank:  Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Seibu Shinkin Bank, Japan Policy Finance Corporation

Awards & Certificates


Recently in 2017, the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry evaluated Ohtama Ham on the following matters: the ability to produce high quality products through a manufacturing process that does not add water content or volume, the development of TOKYO-X Ham, and the technical invention of 3D sausage. As a result of this evaluation, Ohtama Ham was recognized and chosen as one of the best "300 Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises."


1962  Certified as the first Japan 

          Agricultural Standards "JAS" 

1985  Won a gold medal at the European 

          International Slavakt contest "World 

    Meat Contest" in Holland

1986  Won a gold medal at the Belgium 

           PAYS-BAS competition

2003  TOKYO-X Ham was certified by the Tokyo 

          Metropolitan Government as  specialty products 

          of the Tokyo Metropolitan region

2017  Recognized and chosen as one of the best

          "300 Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises" 

      by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

Markets network


We have attained many distribution networks in Japan such as major department stores, luxury supermarkets, and school lunches. Major Retailers: 

■ Takashimaya 



■ Summit

and others






受付時間 9:00-17:00 (月曜~金曜)


TEL. 042-551-1321

FAX. 042-551-9409




受付時間 10:30-20:30


TEL. 042-551-1325

FAX. 042-551-1328




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